The IC industry continues to have high levels of innovation, with the migration to platform-level solutions that have high software content. There is the need to continue to enhance architectures of IC products, where the embedding of processor cores represents a key driver for the support of many growth market segments. The ability for IC products to address system value can expand the size of the market that can be addressed.

The technology gap between leaders and mainstream IC vendors is likely to lengthen in the future as design- and process-related factors become increasingly complex.

The IC market is in a relatively low growth phase, with the expectation that the market will be in a stable phase. There is also the perspective that no major actions have been taken by the IC industry to try to ensure that the market does not continue to have some volatility.

The customer base in the Far East continues to strengthen, where there is also the buildup of supply by local IC vendors. The globalization of the IC industry is customer-specific, with the need for IC vendors to support large customers independent of their geographic locations.

Opportunities in the IC industry continue to be good if IC vendors have access to the appropriate technology and establish business models that can make their customers successful.

The Global System IC Industry Service provides insight into technology enhancements, evolving markets, and the basis for successful participation in new growth areas as well as in existing market segments. Approaches required for supporting revenue growth as well as generating high profits are covered by the Global System IC Industry Service. Inputs are also provided on strategic issues within the IC industry that can impact market positioning and the generation of good financial returns.

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