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The semiconductor market and supply chains are going through major changes. IBS is attempting to provide data to provide both the short-term and long-term visibility into tactical and strategic issues within the semiconductor industry.

The Global Semiconductor Industry Service includes twelve reports, inquiry privileges, and a private one-hour presentation for each client during the service period.  Each report will include the following:

  • Key current events in the semiconductor industry and impact on the semiconductor market.

  • The supply and demand situations for key products and projections for the next twelve months.

  • Economic factors that impact the growth of the semiconductor market.


Some topics for these reports are listed below.


While the analysis of the semiconductor market by product will be provided in early 2024, it is expected that the data will be updated on a relatively frequent basis.


The data will cover the 2020 to 2030 time frame.

Computer Circuit Board Macro
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