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JANUARY: Perspective on Semiconductor Market and Analysis of CAPEX
FEBRUARY: Perspective on Semiconductor Market, Strategic Issues in Supply Chain Management, and Perspective on Foundry Vendors vs. DRAM and NAND Vendors
MARCH: Key Factors that Impact Semiconductor Market and Potential Recovery of Smartphone Market
APRIL: Foundry Market by Technology Node and Some Top-Level Issues in Semiconductor Industry
MAY: Analysis on Costs, Benefits, and Growth of Chiplet Design Concept as well as Impact of AI on Cost of Implementing Designs
JUNE: Impact of New AI-Based Capabilities on Semiconductor Demand and Analysis of Semiconductor Market by Product
JULY: Wafer Supply Situation
AUGUST: Recovery of Semiconductor Market in 2024 and Perspective on CAPEX
SEPTEMBER: Top-Level Issues in Semiconductor Market and Analysis of Semiconductor Market for AI
OCTOBER: Analysis on Semiconductor Industry and Overheating Problem with High-End Smartphones
NOVEMBER: Analysis on Digital Health, DRAM Market, and NAND Market as well as Difference in Market Dynamics in Nonmemory and Memory Semiconductors
DECEMBER: Activities of Data Center Companies in Processors, Perspective on Automotive Industry, and Perspective on Semiconductor Industry with Focus on 2024

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